Adobe Photoshop

Pendleton Family Dental – Website

Website for dental service operating aboard Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton.

Filthy Fun Fest – Website

Promotional page for the Filthy Fun Fest at Camp Pendleton.

Phil Vassar Concert – Website

Promotional page for the Phil Vassar Unplugged concert at Camp Pendleton, CA.

Gloriana Concert – Website

Promotional page for the Gloriana concert at Camp Pendleton, CA.

Tidy Up With T – Website

Responsive Website for a business providing services to help you organize your home.

VegTop – Recipe Blog

Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes Blog

Dufour Designs Logo

The Dufour Designs Logo was developed as the identity element in support of the online store.

The Massage Artist – Identity

I created these logo variations as the primary identity for “The Massage Artist”, a massage therapy business located in Norman, Ok. The logo is used for all marketing elements, website (, social media sites, video, and printed marketing materials. I created several variations to support various applications. I created the logo in Adobe Illustrator and […]

Retiree Expo – Identity / Logo

Branding / Logo for the annual Retiree Expo held at Camp Pendleton, CA.

Beaches & Lake O’Neill – Online Reservations

Poster design announcing the new “Online Reservations” at Del Mar beach, San Onofre beach, and lake ONeill at Camp Pendleton, CA.

Spartans Circuit Challenge

Flyer and poster design to promote the “Spartans Circuit Challenge” held at the Paige Fieldhouse fitness center at Marine Corps base, Camp Pendleton, CA.

Metatrons Cube T-Shirt

This is my adaptation and manipulation of the sacred geometric figure known as the “Metatrons Cube”.
I started by drawing the geometry in Adobe Illustrator and then brought the drawing into Adobe Photoshop and manipulated it until achieving the design you see here. This shirt is available for purchase at

Geo-Ball T-Shirt

This t-shirt is adorned with a symmetrical design I created using a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
I call this the “Geo-Ball” and in fact I later adapted it for use as part of my Dufour Designs logo.
This shirt is available for purchase at

Floractal Energies – All Over Print Shirt

This is an all over print shirt design created from a design I developed in Adobe Photoshop.
This shirt is available for purchase currently at my Society6 store.

Ciliasun Eye T-Shirt

T-Shirt design based on my Photoshop design called “Ciliasun Eye”.
This shirt is available for purchase at

11:11 T-Shirt

After seemingly noticing the numbers and time 11:11 for many years, I decided to design a t-shirt based around it.
This shirt is available for purchase at

Tribal Flower T-Shirt

Tribal Flower t-shirt design. This shirt is available for purchase at

Tribal Mandala T-Shirt

Tribal Mandala t-shirt design which I originally designed for use on the “Mike’s Harder Dragon Nectar” beverage can.
This shirt is available for purchase at

Dufour Designs Emblem T-Shirt

This is a simple t-shirt design using my Dufour Designs Geo-Ball DD emblem.
This t-shirt is available for purchase in a variety of colors at

Create Today – T-Shirts

I came up with this idea one morning while eating breakfast and looking at my Tabasco Sauce label. I hopped on my Mac, fired up Illustrator and put this together for a t-shirt design. “CREATE TODAY – From No Thing . . . Comes Every Thing”. This is my personal mantra. Inspiration to keep creating […]