Project Description

The VegTop Blog
This was my own personal blog focused on Vegetarian & Vegan recipes. This was a fairly simple blog with easy step-by-step recipes that were healthy and fairly quick and easy to make. I started it as tool to motivate myself to prepare healthier foods, lose some weight and feel better. I recently closed down the site, but I myself have lost 80lbs and feel much better having learned to cook and eat healthier foods. I received positive feedback from visitors to the site and on my associated VegTop Twitter account during the time the blog was online.

I developed this blog using WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS). I wrote all the recipes and instructions and took all the photos associated with the recipes.

Warning / Disclaimer: I no longer own the VegTop domain name and it appears that someone else now has put up a site with links to explicit adult material. Please understand that I am in no way associated with that site.